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Charters Towers Flying-Foxe Colony Dispersal

On Dec 2 a Queensland government sanctioned action will see dispersal attempts made on a colony of flying-foxes at Charters Towers using helicopters and water cannons, smoke and sirens. The Black Flying-foxes present will have dependent young and will not be allowed to retrieve their babies as they return to camp in the morning; meaning the babies will slowly die terrified and alone. Dispersal actions across Queensland must all be deferred until April/May 2014 when the babies will be able to fly with their mothers.


1. Write to Charters Towers Council at expressing your disgust regarding animal cruelty issues. Ask why are they going ahead with an action which will deliberately separate mothers from their babies. The babies cannot fly and will be left in the trees to die over several days. Be firm and polite and say you are appalled they have chosen this action upon innocent keystone, protected, wildlife which cannot defend themselves. You may also wish to say that you have no desire to ever visit that town again.

2. Write to Environment Minister Andrew Powell: and (electoral and ministerial emails) with the same points. Ask him if he is aware of the animal suffering and cruelty he has personally sanctioned?

3. Write to Premier Campbell Newman on asking same as Powell.

3. Write to the Federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt and shadow Mark Butler asking if they are aware of this action and its consequences on protected and keystone Australian wildlife.

5. Share this post to everyone you know on your social media sites and encourage everyone you know to write to all the above.

THANK YOU for your support for our beautiful flying-foxes.

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